iLive : Lighting up the World / by Lizzy Schubert

iLive: Lighting up the World.

St. Louis, Missouri – Wednesday, September 9, 2015 - iLive, a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics, is introducing an array of LED products. The line will include speakers, light bulbs, headphones, and earbuds.

With the Wireless Speaker and LED Light Bulb (ILED75) users can transform their home into an audiophile paradise. Consumers simply twist the light bulb into any standard light socket and can instantly enjoy rich quality sound combined with white or color changing lights. Without the hassle of cords users can wirelessly streams music from their devices up to 60ft away and control the music or light settings with the included remote. The ease of use and affordability make this a must have for those looking for streamlined, seamless sound.

Better yet are the LED wearables. Whether you are looking to increase your visibility during night runs, or just like the fun factor of these Glowing Headphones (IAHL75), you’ll be amazed by their iridescent glow. The illuminated cable pulses to the beat of your music, making your music come to life.  Choose from white or black headphones with an electric blue glow or red headphones with a neon red glow. Also available in a Glowing Earbud (IAEL65) style in purple, blue, red and white.

Portable speakers with LED effects are another vibrant option offered by Digital Products International, Inc. The Portable Wireless Speaker with Color Changing Light Effects (ISB225) has a slim profile and room-filling sound and the addition of the LED lights gives this speaker a mega fun factor. Red, orange, green, blue, and purple light options set the mood as you groove to your music. This group also has another great option with a cylindrical design. Vibrant light effects and energetic sound compactly designed for portability and Bluetooth connectivity are what the Portable Color Changing Wireless Speaker (ISB335) is all about. You’ll be the envy of all your mates (room-, class-, work-) with this power house.

Other great LED products in the lineup include the Portable Color Changing Wireless Speaker (ISB365), and the Portable Wireless Speaker with Color Changing Glow Ring (ISB35). The quality, reliability and affordability to which iLive holds themselves stands tried and true with these new additions to their product lineup.