Zeki is Back and Better than Ever / by Lizzy Schubert

St. Louis, Missouri- Monday February 4, 2013- Already established as one of the best new line of tablets around, Zeki is back to introduce an amazing array of new features to its ever expanding line of Android tablets. While still maintaining its sleek look and thin size, each Zeki tablet now comes equipped with the latest Android OS Jelly Bean, improved speed, and a more powerful processor. Compounding on its already impressive selection, these new additions strive to make Zeki tablets provide the best “out of box” experience possible.

With the new Android OS Jelly Bean, users can enjoy improved graphics and performance. Better touch responsiveness and more intuitive commands add to the already user friendly and easy to use Android OS. An improved pull down menu allows users to quickly access their most used features, making it possible with one swipe to change sound settings, turn on GPS, or toggle Wifi on or off.

Aiding in making the Android experience great is the Zeki’s new Dual Core 1.5 GHz processor. This new processor allows users to enjoy the tablet to its fullest. Rich graphics,
smooth transitions, and better picture quality all make for an experience you will want to share with all your friends.

Both the 7” TBDB763B and the 8” TBDB863B Zeki tablets come equipped with built-in Bluetooth capabilities, and in addition the larger 10” TBDB1093B also comes with built in front and rear facing cameras. Easily connect to your phone, computer, wireless speaker system or other Bluetooth device for quality streaming of music, movies and whatever else you can imagine. Make your Zeki tablet the center of your tech universe.

Both affordable and loaded with the latest features, the Zeki tablet ensures the richest possible user experience. For additional details and retailers for the Zeki please visit

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