iLive Platinum: Premium Audio / by Lizzy Schubert

St. Louis, Missouri – Thursday July 5, 2016  - iLive, a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics, introduced their new top tier brand, iLive Platinum. The line ranging from headphones to WiFi speakers will include the highest quality audio for superb sound in a range of high-end styles.

Most notable in iLive Platinum are the wireless multi-room WiFi speakers.

With the Wireless Portable Multi-room Sound Bar (ISWF776B) users can place several speakers throughout their home and play music in multiple rooms simultaneously. With several connection options (WiFi, Bluetooth, Aux in), consumers can use almost any device in coordination with the sound bar to receive superior sound.  This unit also includes a mounting bracket, perfect to mount below your 60” UHD TV

For a sleeker look, the ISWF476B offers the same customizable presets and playing options in a smaller package. Just as portable, this model easily blends into any environment with its black metal body.  What truly sets this model apart is its compact size, which makes it perfect for taking anywhere.

Last, but not least, the ISWF576 has a little bit of everything. It boasts the same functionalities as the sound bar and portable speakers with one major difference. This model, available in dark grey or red, features a slim charging station for ultimate convenience.

As the iLive Platinum brand grows, consumers can be sure to see other great items unveiled that have the same great reliability and affordability to which iLive has always held themselves.   For more information visit our website (

iLive Platinum Press Contacts:

Aurelia Lowther

Lizzy Donahower