Zeki, the Newest and Smartest Android Tablet / by Lizzy Schubert

Zeki is the smart way to delve into the Android Tablet experience.  Both the 7” TB782B and 10” TB1082B Zeki tablets come equipped with an abundance of features and an incredibly competitive price point.  Focusing on providing the best “out of box” experience and optimal consumer satisfaction each Zeki tablet includes the latest and greatest Android OS, App Stores, Pre-Installed Apps, and premium features all at an affordable price.

Easily play games, read e-books, or browse pictures with the most responsive touch technology. The Zeki tablet’s capacitive multi-touch screen responds quickly and precisely to even the slightest touch. Using your fingers or a capacitive screen stylus the Zeki tablet will recognize when you tap, pinch, swipe, or drag anywhere on the screen and respond immediately and accurately. 

Both the 7” and 10” Zeki tablets feature the latest Android 4.0.3 Operating System, Ice Cream Sandwich, offering the easiest and most intuitive navigation yet.  Everything from email and video conferencing, browsing the internet, and tablet personalization has been made easier with this new OS.

Built-in wi-fi offers wireless freedom in your home network or other wi-fi networks. Enjoy the Internet on your Zeki tablet from the comfort of any room in your home, or setup at your favorite wi-fi hot-spot and enjoy hours of entertainment. The high capacity battery lets you watch videos, compose emails, browse the Internet, and play music for hours without interruption.

Zeki offers access to several app stores.  Download your favorite apps with over thousands to choose from, or use one of the pre-installed apps to work, socialize, and play.   8GB’s of built in memory and up to 32GB’s of expandable memory, using a Micro-SD card, is offered on both the 7” and 10”tablets. This vast capacity allows you to keep all your apps, games, books, music, and movies to be kept at your fingertips.

The Zeki also has included a high-quality front-facing camera that allows you to take photos, create videos, or video-chat with friends, family, or colleagues. The pre-installed photo and video apps let you organize, edit and share your photo and video creations. From start to finish the Zeki tablet allows you to do it all.

With all of these great features and many more the Zeki is sure to be this summer’s hottest and most affordable android tablet on the market.  For additional details and retailers for the Zeki please visit www.zekitablets.com.