Accessorize with iLive / by Lizzy Schubert

St. Louis, MO, September 12, 2012 – iLive, a leader in the consumer electronics industry, is proud to announce an expansive new line of accessories designed with functionality and style in mind.   

Let iLive help bring an end to your fingerprint smudged touchscreens.  The iLive accessory line begins with an array of styluses that will help you navigate your touchscreen device with ease and fingerprint free. The stylus assortment begins with a portable pen like design. This handy stylus (IA32B) will work seamlessly with any touchscreen device. If you are looking for something that offers a little more, the dual capabilities of the iLive Executive (IA53B) and Crystal (IA63W) styluses are the perfect accessories
for the ultimate multitasker.  Use the ballpoint pen to jot notes or sign documents. Flip the stylus around to the rubberized tip to work on your touchscreen device. These styluses will help you accomplish every task you have “on the job” or “on the go”.   

No accessory line is complete without the addition of earbuds and headphones. Working out, running errands, and commuting to work are just a few of the times we want to drown out our surroundings with our favorite music. iLive’s earbuds and headphones are designed to enhance your listening experience in every way possible.  Knowing fit and comfort are of upmost importance, iLive launched several earbud (IAE52B, IAEV32B, and IAEV82S) models with a variety of eartips included. iLive headphone (IAH12B, IAH22B, IAHV62) models are designed with quality cushioned earcups for maximum comfort and adjustable headbands to provide a secure fit.  Functionality was not forgotten as iLive has included earbud (IAEV32R, IAEV82S) and headphone (IAHV62B) models with inline volume control for the most convenient and enjoyable listening experience. Along with inline volume control iLive also has introduced earbud (IAEV82S) and headphone (IAHV62B) models featuring an included microphone to allow you to take and make hands free calls. Use any one of the iLive headphone or earbud models to take your listening experience to a new level.

Possibly the most important accessory of all is one that will give your device’s battery new life, which is why iLive has introduced a portable solar charger (WP662B). This ingenious device is the perfect companion when traveling.  You can charge the solar power charger (WP662B) using the USB port or using one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts, sunlight. The solar power charger comes with 3 adapters including microUSB, miniUSB, and a 30 pin connector to charge your iPod, iPhone, Android device, or Blackberry. Carry this portable solar charger (WP662B) with you everywhere you go and never be in search of an outlet again.  

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