Voice-initiated Amazon Alexa Undercabinet Speaker from iLive Platinum / by Lizzy Schubert

St. Louis, Missouri – Wednesday January 24, 2018– DPI, Inc., a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics, announced the release of a unique undercabinet speaker that integrates hands-free Amazon Alexa.

With the successful launch of their first Amazon Alexa speaker, Concierge, iLive has developed another innovative speaker with Voice-initiated Amazon Alexa – only this time, it’s meant for the kitchen. The sleek, minimalist design will blend in with any kitchen décor and doesn’t take up counter space as it’s mounted under your cabinets. With the integrated Amazon Alexa Voice Service, Alexa can answer questions, create reminders and play music as always. With the speaker’s placement in mind Alexa can also give you measurement conversions, look up local restaurants and give you recipe ideas based on the ingredients you have on hand. She’s the perfect kitchen companion and is always getting smarter, with a total of 14,000 skills thus far.

With all of the same great features you have come to expect from Amazon speakers, iLive Platinum’s IKBFV378S is also integrated with Multi-room Audio. Using Wi-Fi, users can pair up to six multi-room speakers throughout their home for multi-room audio. To make your home multi-room capable with iLive, simply choose from any of the following models to pair (up to 6) throughout your home: ISWFV387, ISWF476, ISWF576, ISWF776, or IKBFV378.

As if the above features weren’t enough, iLive also included:

  • Bluetooth wireless
  • Spotify Connect
  • Digital Clock with dimmer control
  • Multi-user capabilities
    • Mounting hardware

With these amazing features, you won't want to miss out on having your very own Voice-initiated Amazon Alexa Undercabinet from iLive Platinum.  

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DPI, Inc. Press Contacts:

Aurelia Lowther


Lizzy Donahower