Conquer the sky with SkyRider / by Lizzy Schubert

Conquer the sky with SkyRider St. Louis, Missouri – Thursday September 8, 2016 – Digital Products International Inc., a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics, continues to grow the SkyRider brand with new models coming just in time for the 2016 holiday season.  
While drones are not new to the tech scene, the category is growing rapidly. With a vintage inspired logo and modern color combinations, these drones offer something for everyone.
SkyRider, introduced in 2015 as their leading brand in the latest drone technology, has drones ranging from palm-sized to larger, hobbyist sized models. The latest addition to the lineup, coming in November 2016, is the DR107 bundle. This nano drone is smaller than its predecessor, the DR176, but twice the fun. Customers will get to choose between a green and purple bundle or a red and blue bundle to enjoy the flying experience alongside friends.   

As the SkyRider brand grows, consumers can be sure to see other great items unveiled that have the same great reliability and affordability to which DPI, Inc. has always held themselves.
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