iLive, Virtual Reality is Here by Lizzy Schubert

iLive, Virtual Reality is Here

St. Louis, Missouri – Wednesday August 10, 2016 - iLive, a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics, introduced Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets. The lineup makes VR affordable for all with prices ranging from $9.99 to $49.99.

The attention to detail in the headsets’ comfort and affordability will allow users to have a high quality VR experience without the inflated price tag. The headsets fit most smartphones between 3.5-6” and allow users to watch 3D movies, play games and explore new worlds through apps and 3D movies.

Additionally, the IVR27B and IVR37W models can accommodate Augmented Reality (AR) app use. The built-in access windows allow for camera access without removing the smartphone from the headset. This allows users to not only use AR, but also makes transitioning between VR and AR a simpler process. 

Arriving just in time for the holiday season, iLive will also release the IVR57W and IVR77W, both of which come with a Bluetooth VR remote and can accommodate AR app use. In addition to the remote, the IVR77W has built in headphones that immerse users even more fully than any other device and offers the best deal in its class for VR headsets.                                                                                                                                             

As the iLive brand grows, consumers can be sure to see other great items unveiled that have the same great reliability and affordability to which iLive has always held themselves.  

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iLive Platinum: Premium Audio by Lizzy Schubert

St. Louis, Missouri – Thursday July 5, 2016  - iLive, a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics, introduced their new top tier brand, iLive Platinum. The line ranging from headphones to WiFi speakers will include the highest quality audio for superb sound in a range of high-end styles.

Most notable in iLive Platinum are the wireless multi-room WiFi speakers.

With the Wireless Portable Multi-room Sound Bar (ISWF776B) users can place several speakers throughout their home and play music in multiple rooms simultaneously. With several connection options (WiFi, Bluetooth, Aux in), consumers can use almost any device in coordination with the sound bar to receive superior sound.  This unit also includes a mounting bracket, perfect to mount below your 60” UHD TV

For a sleeker look, the ISWF476B offers the same customizable presets and playing options in a smaller package. Just as portable, this model easily blends into any environment with its black metal body.  What truly sets this model apart is its compact size, which makes it perfect for taking anywhere.

Last, but not least, the ISWF576 has a little bit of everything. It boasts the same functionalities as the sound bar and portable speakers with one major difference. This model, available in dark grey or red, features a slim charging station for ultimate convenience.

As the iLive Platinum brand grows, consumers can be sure to see other great items unveiled that have the same great reliability and affordability to which iLive has always held themselves.   For more information visit our website (

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iLive : Lighting up the World by Lizzy Schubert

iLive: Lighting up the World.

St. Louis, Missouri – Wednesday, September 9, 2015 - iLive, a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics, is introducing an array of LED products. The line will include speakers, light bulbs, headphones, and earbuds.

With the Wireless Speaker and LED Light Bulb (ILED75) users can transform their home into an audiophile paradise. Consumers simply twist the light bulb into any standard light socket and can instantly enjoy rich quality sound combined with white or color changing lights. Without the hassle of cords users can wirelessly streams music from their devices up to 60ft away and control the music or light settings with the included remote. The ease of use and affordability make this a must have for those looking for streamlined, seamless sound.

Better yet are the LED wearables. Whether you are looking to increase your visibility during night runs, or just like the fun factor of these Glowing Headphones (IAHL75), you’ll be amazed by their iridescent glow. The illuminated cable pulses to the beat of your music, making your music come to life.  Choose from white or black headphones with an electric blue glow or red headphones with a neon red glow. Also available in a Glowing Earbud (IAEL65) style in purple, blue, red and white.

Portable speakers with LED effects are another vibrant option offered by Digital Products International, Inc. The Portable Wireless Speaker with Color Changing Light Effects (ISB225) has a slim profile and room-filling sound and the addition of the LED lights gives this speaker a mega fun factor. Red, orange, green, blue, and purple light options set the mood as you groove to your music. This group also has another great option with a cylindrical design. Vibrant light effects and energetic sound compactly designed for portability and Bluetooth connectivity are what the Portable Color Changing Wireless Speaker (ISB335) is all about. You’ll be the envy of all your mates (room-, class-, work-) with this power house.

Other great LED products in the lineup include the Portable Color Changing Wireless Speaker (ISB365), and the Portable Wireless Speaker with Color Changing Glow Ring (ISB35). The quality, reliability and affordability to which iLive holds themselves stands tried and true with these new additions to their product lineup.


Zeki is Back and Better than Ever by Lizzy Schubert

St. Louis, Missouri- Monday February 4, 2013- Already established as one of the best new line of tablets around, Zeki is back to introduce an amazing array of new features to its ever expanding line of Android tablets. While still maintaining its sleek look and thin size, each Zeki tablet now comes equipped with the latest Android OS Jelly Bean, improved speed, and a more powerful processor. Compounding on its already impressive selection, these new additions strive to make Zeki tablets provide the best “out of box” experience possible.

With the new Android OS Jelly Bean, users can enjoy improved graphics and performance. Better touch responsiveness and more intuitive commands add to the already user friendly and easy to use Android OS. An improved pull down menu allows users to quickly access their most used features, making it possible with one swipe to change sound settings, turn on GPS, or toggle Wifi on or off.

Aiding in making the Android experience great is the Zeki’s new Dual Core 1.5 GHz processor. This new processor allows users to enjoy the tablet to its fullest. Rich graphics,
smooth transitions, and better picture quality all make for an experience you will want to share with all your friends.

Both the 7” TBDB763B and the 8” TBDB863B Zeki tablets come equipped with built-in Bluetooth capabilities, and in addition the larger 10” TBDB1093B also comes with built in front and rear facing cameras. Easily connect to your phone, computer, wireless speaker system or other Bluetooth device for quality streaming of music, movies and whatever else you can imagine. Make your Zeki tablet the center of your tech universe.

Both affordable and loaded with the latest features, the Zeki tablet ensures the richest possible user experience. For additional details and retailers for the Zeki please visit

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Digital Products International, Inc. 2013 CES Awards Honoree by Lizzy Schubert

St. Louis, MO, November 20, 2012 Once again proving its leadership in providing customers with the latest innovative technology in the consumer electronics field, Digital Products International, Inc. has been named an International CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree for its Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Nightlight with USB Charging Port (ISB223S).

Equipped with Bluetooth wireless streaming technology, the Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Nightlight allows the user to stream music hands free from anywhere inside the home or workplace. While occupying an AC outlet it can charge mobile devices through it’s built in  USB charging port, eliminating the need for a charger. Its sleek portable design and small footprint allows it to be placed in virtually any outlet in the home or workplace. Not only for the home, a built-in battery also makes it perfect for on the go use. When settled at home, a LED nightlight provides perfect illumination for dark hallways, or a comforting light for a child as they are lulled to sleep by calming audio played over the Bluetooth wireless streaming technology. 
Encompassing a powerful speaker to play wireless Bluetooth streaming audio, charging capabilities, and bright led nightlight in a sleek and compact design, the Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Nightlight with USB Charging Port is sure to become a fast favorite for the home and on the go wireless audio play.

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Accessorize with iLive by Lizzy Schubert

St. Louis, MO, September 12, 2012 – iLive, a leader in the consumer electronics industry, is proud to announce an expansive new line of accessories designed with functionality and style in mind.   

Let iLive help bring an end to your fingerprint smudged touchscreens.  The iLive accessory line begins with an array of styluses that will help you navigate your touchscreen device with ease and fingerprint free. The stylus assortment begins with a portable pen like design. This handy stylus (IA32B) will work seamlessly with any touchscreen device. If you are looking for something that offers a little more, the dual capabilities of the iLive Executive (IA53B) and Crystal (IA63W) styluses are the perfect accessories
for the ultimate multitasker.  Use the ballpoint pen to jot notes or sign documents. Flip the stylus around to the rubberized tip to work on your touchscreen device. These styluses will help you accomplish every task you have “on the job” or “on the go”.   

No accessory line is complete without the addition of earbuds and headphones. Working out, running errands, and commuting to work are just a few of the times we want to drown out our surroundings with our favorite music. iLive’s earbuds and headphones are designed to enhance your listening experience in every way possible.  Knowing fit and comfort are of upmost importance, iLive launched several earbud (IAE52B, IAEV32B, and IAEV82S) models with a variety of eartips included. iLive headphone (IAH12B, IAH22B, IAHV62) models are designed with quality cushioned earcups for maximum comfort and adjustable headbands to provide a secure fit.  Functionality was not forgotten as iLive has included earbud (IAEV32R, IAEV82S) and headphone (IAHV62B) models with inline volume control for the most convenient and enjoyable listening experience. Along with inline volume control iLive also has introduced earbud (IAEV82S) and headphone (IAHV62B) models featuring an included microphone to allow you to take and make hands free calls. Use any one of the iLive headphone or earbud models to take your listening experience to a new level.

Possibly the most important accessory of all is one that will give your device’s battery new life, which is why iLive has introduced a portable solar charger (WP662B). This ingenious device is the perfect companion when traveling.  You can charge the solar power charger (WP662B) using the USB port or using one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts, sunlight. The solar power charger comes with 3 adapters including microUSB, miniUSB, and a 30 pin connector to charge your iPod, iPhone, Android device, or Blackberry. Carry this portable solar charger (WP662B) with you everywhere you go and never be in search of an outlet again.  

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Zeki, the Newest and Smartest Android Tablet by Lizzy Schubert

Zeki is the smart way to delve into the Android Tablet experience.  Both the 7” TB782B and 10” TB1082B Zeki tablets come equipped with an abundance of features and an incredibly competitive price point.  Focusing on providing the best “out of box” experience and optimal consumer satisfaction each Zeki tablet includes the latest and greatest Android OS, App Stores, Pre-Installed Apps, and premium features all at an affordable price.

Easily play games, read e-books, or browse pictures with the most responsive touch technology. The Zeki tablet’s capacitive multi-touch screen responds quickly and precisely to even the slightest touch. Using your fingers or a capacitive screen stylus the Zeki tablet will recognize when you tap, pinch, swipe, or drag anywhere on the screen and respond immediately and accurately. 

Both the 7” and 10” Zeki tablets feature the latest Android 4.0.3 Operating System, Ice Cream Sandwich, offering the easiest and most intuitive navigation yet.  Everything from email and video conferencing, browsing the internet, and tablet personalization has been made easier with this new OS.

Built-in wi-fi offers wireless freedom in your home network or other wi-fi networks. Enjoy the Internet on your Zeki tablet from the comfort of any room in your home, or setup at your favorite wi-fi hot-spot and enjoy hours of entertainment. The high capacity battery lets you watch videos, compose emails, browse the Internet, and play music for hours without interruption.

Zeki offers access to several app stores.  Download your favorite apps with over thousands to choose from, or use one of the pre-installed apps to work, socialize, and play.   8GB’s of built in memory and up to 32GB’s of expandable memory, using a Micro-SD card, is offered on both the 7” and 10”tablets. This vast capacity allows you to keep all your apps, games, books, music, and movies to be kept at your fingertips.

The Zeki also has included a high-quality front-facing camera that allows you to take photos, create videos, or video-chat with friends, family, or colleagues. The pre-installed photo and video apps let you organize, edit and share your photo and video creations. From start to finish the Zeki tablet allows you to do it all.

With all of these great features and many more the Zeki is sure to be this summer’s hottest and most affordable android tablet on the market.  For additional details and retailers for the Zeki please visit

iLive is Going Blue(tooth) by Lizzy Schubert

St. Louis, Missouri - Thursday, April 12, 2012 – iLive, a leading manufacturer of iPod, iPhone, and iPad compatible products, is introducing an entire new product line “iLive Blue”. The “iLive Blue” product line will be comprised of Bluetooth enabled docks, speakers, soundbars, and keyboards.  With the power of Bluetooth you will now be able to stream music from your phone while it’s in your pocket, hand, or anywhere you want to place your device.  Filling your home, office, or wherever you may be with music has never been easier.

The first model to make its debut as part of the iLive Blue product line is the ISB311, a Bluetooth enhanced speaker.  Enjoy your music wirelessly by steaming audio from your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, most Android tablets, and most Android phones. Basically if your device has Bluetooth and a music library, streaming music has never been easier.  You can also connect any device without Bluetooth through the audio line in to enjoy your personal library of music with great sound.  

Aside from the impeccable sound quality the ISB311 has numerous other features that can be found across several products in the “iLive Blue” line, including a USB port to charge your mobile device, built in rechargeable battery for hours of listening pleasure, and hands free speakerphone so you can take calls on your phone while its connected to the speaker via Bluetooth. Functionality and performance are obviously crucial when it comes to the development of the “iLive Blue” product line.

The iLive Blue product line will continue to grow over the next few months with the unveiling of several new and exciting products.  Bluetooth enabled sound bars, clock radios, and small portable speakers are just a few of the new products that will be available for purchase on the iLive Electronics website or in several retailers nationwide.  We believe in the power of streaming music wirelessly and have found Bluetooth technology as an excellent way to achieve great sound and performance.

Both iLive and iLive Blue electronics are geared to ensure every consumers need and want are met with quality, reasonable prices, innovative, and attractive electronics.  Make sure to visit the iLive Electronics website for new products, discounts, and other exciting announcements regarding iLive and iLive Blue.

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